The Little Black Dress Project

The title of this post does sound familiar. There’s  this site  with the following statement – “The Little Black Dress Project is on a MISSION to help women to become more self-confident, lose weight, and celebrate being a strong and sexy woman.” But the plan on the aforementioned site has very little semblance to my plan. Mostly because I’m not reading a book on how to lose weight. Nor am I following any particular diet. Food in a university severely restricts the ability to diet especially when lunch is half cooked, unappetizing, too salty and mostly unrecognizable.

Henceforth known as the LBDP, the light at then end of the tunnel (exercise, watching what I eat etc.) is a little black dress (LBD) sponsored by Daddy and Mommy Dearest, if I lose 20 kilos and have a waistline of 28 inches (I am a good 8 inches away from that). Just realized that my current waistline is about two thirds of a foot away from my desired waistline.

Anyhoo, I have time until my birthday in December. Till then, the plan is to avoid chocolate cream filled chocolate chip cookies and plain salted chips and keep sipping ginger tea (Yuck, green tea is sooo much better). However, I will have to ditch the plan today on account of the current onslaught of hunger pangs. All I have to say is that tomorrow is another day. (Unintentional rhyme)

So I can see myself, come December, 20 kilograms lighter, with a waistline I want, buying a LBD. And then trying it out, probably pouting in the mirror, crying with happiness and clicking some classified selfies. Ah, the good life.

Note: This blog post has been typed in great urgency, prior to my departure from the University library. Please notify me in case of any glaring grammatical errors that I may have missed due to my own inadequacies and my English teachers.


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