This blog is the manifestation of a New Year Resolution

Funnily enough, as I sat to write this post, the song “New Year Day” by U2 began to play on my music player.

Having firmly established that Bono’s musings has very little to do with my New Year Resolution, I wish to track and document my resolution effectively in prose. To lose weight. To be fit and healthy. And NOT skinny.

In the spirit of my Resolution, I will do my level best to keep my posts less verbose, less soporific. Further, care shall be taken to ensure that the posts are not brimming with the rantings of a fat, disgruntled, the-world-is-unfair woman.

Watch this space for more.

PS: The obesity gene is called the FTO gene. Geddit?


2 thoughts on “This blog is the manifestation of a New Year Resolution

  1. Allow me to give you a tip on the phrasing of your goal. Personally I’ve never liked the term ‘to lose weight’ because as far as I know it’s the only time that ‘losing’ is supposed to bring something good. Losing money, losing ‘it’, losing a loved one, get it? I’m sure that’s one of the reasons why so few people manage to stick to their weight-loss resolutions. The brain just doesn’t buy it.
    To be fit and healthy. That’s a good one. But to NOT be skinny, is not, because a goal should always be phrased in the positive, as well as in the present tense. If you know what you don’t want, you simply turn it into something positive: I am slim. So in your case: I am slim, healthy and fit. The shortest an affirmation is, the better. Okay, sorry, rambling on here (on my hobbyhorse, I am). Did you want advice? Nah. Whoops, unsolicited advice is rarely welcomed. It was really the word NOT that alarmed me. I’ve attracted amazing things into my life with affirmations. Just five minutes a day ‘I am slim, healthy and fit’ (or your own version of it), while you imagine what that feels like, will prepare you for the success that you wish for (such as that staying power will be yours). If you keep it up, you will start seeing the result of your mental work after two to three months. The start of the lasting result, that is. And then to hold on to the new shape. That’s another challenge altogether. Good luck, eh. 🙂

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